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While San Francisco has always been know for its historic architecture and neighborhoods, the City by the Bay has seen a “New San Francisco” emerge over the past decade with the significant transformation of the neighborhoods that are south of Market Street. Perhaps no area has seen more drastic change than the Mission Bay area. Once the home to a patchwork of industrial warehouses and undeveloped land just south of the Mission Creek (also considered a channel), Mission Bay has become the centerpiece of development along San Francisco’s long neglected eastern waterfront and its surrounding neighborhoods. The University of California at San Francisco (UCSF) is the shining star of Mission Bay with its cutting edge biotechnology research campus located south of the channel, but just north of the channel is where most of the housing stock is. Benefiting from the King Street access to Interstate 280 and the nearby CalTrain station that serves the South Bay, most of Mission Bay’s residential real estate consists of large, luxury condominium buildings that line both King Street and Berry Street along the China Basin Channel and usually offer amenities that cater to the modern homeowner.

Mission Bay is roughly bounded by Seventh Street to the west, King Street to the north, 3rd Street to the east and 16th Street to the South.