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No neighborhood encompasses more geographic area in San Francisco than the Sunset District which extends from Cole Valley and the Haight to the Pacific Ocean, covering a two mile western expanse south of Golden Gate Park along the way. Comprised primarily of smaller single family homes, the Sunset District can generally be divided into three areas, all which enjoy a terrific proximity to Golden Gate Park. The Inner Sunset consists of homes and smaller multi-unit properties from 1st to 19th Avenues, the Central Sunset from 19th to 36th Avenues, and the Outer Sunset from 36th Avenue to Great Highway and Ocean Beach. The popular Inner Sunset area is centered around the central business district surrounding Irving and Judah Streets near 9th Avenue and is known for some of the larger Edwardian homes found in the Sunset. Noriega Street bisects the Central Sunset and its wide expanse of homes and serves as the main commercial Strip for both the Central and Outer Sunset areas. The Outer Sunset comes as close to a beach district as San Franciscans can provide, though the City’s traditional foggy weather makes sweaters a more common site than swim suits in the neighborhood. One unique characteristic of the Sunset District is its median home price which has always followed the median San Francisco home price more closely than any other City neighborhood.